Film review
The Spy. 

It is not an easy task to watch  a film about  the history of the Second  World War. Older generation, like our parents and grandparents, who saw the war reality, tries to compare  their memoirs with the screen.  One of such film which describes the war life is The Spy which is released on the TV screen on the 23th of February 2003 in Russian Federation.  When I saw this film for the first time I understood that this film is appealed to describe the life during the war.   The film director of this film tries to show the military life of the intelligence group: captain Koltigyn (Vladislav Galkin) and two recruits from the School of Intelligence; and based on the real facts from the history. It is not only one aim of this film but also the aim was to bring up the patriotism among young generation and show how two young recruts Bobrikov and Filatov have taught by the captain and how they are transformed to the real spies and to show the horror of the war.  
The most disappointing thing of this film is the absence of the story about Filatov’s and Bobrikov’s   life at the school of Intelligence. I think that it was interesting to shed the light o n their previous education at school. In this film we can’t see their school daily life and how they got their knowledge abut their profession.  I consider that it is a great lack of the film director not to show the events before the World war from the life of our protagonists. Also we do not have any information about their profession on civil life. 
At the beginning of this series the lorry in which our protagonists were sended to the frontline was exploited by the bullet from the German tank. The driver and real Bobrikov were killed by German soldiers who came there by moto.   Filatov killed all the enemies except one who begged him not to kill, because he wanted to return to Berlin and take the revenge to his neighbour  from Leibtseger shtrasse 13. Filatov didn’t kill him and he took the documents of killed Borikov and they started their trip to  the headquarter of army together.
The truthfulness is also one of the weakest traits of this movie. At the beginning of this film their chef of their intelligence group captain Koltygin did not know any word in German. The person who watches the film can ask a question to the director. How Koltygin can work secretly on the territory of the enemy without their native language? He can be easily revealed by a German citizen.   
Only one thing which is deserved our attention is the plot and special effects which is used by the author. Along with the plotline we can see any misrepresentation of the historical facts. The use of special effects during the film does not disturb the spectators during the film.   
In conclusion, I would like to say that if you want to see a film about the war and don't think about the content, I can recommend it to you. 

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