The life in a big city. (Sequence)

Today I would like to compare city life and the countryside according to the criterias: noisiness, immigrants and air pollution. 

Noise is the first great problem for the modern big cities. In our city we have a big amount of noise references. Firstly, much noise we have from the traffic around it. The roads and streets are full of cars which engines produce the din. It nerves people and doesn't allow them to concentrate on their purpose. Very often because of the traffic noise if two persons are walking on the pavement of the busy street where   the cars whisk here and there.  As opposed to the modern cities, the countryside has the birds' singing, gentle murmur of brooks and rustle of leaves.

The second great problem of big cities is the immigrants from the Orient who overpopulates them and forces out the indigenous. The opposite image we can see in the countryside where native population is more solidary than in towns and it allows them to stand against «foreign intervention».

The third problem is air pollution above the cities. Especially, each of the big cities surrounds by a lot of factories which produce many goods for everyday consumption. On the one hand, it is good for the consumers because they don't have any lack of products. But on the other hand, the air above cities absorbs a big amount of polluting substances from the factories and laboratories which cause serious diseases. Instead of poisonous smells in towns, the village population has  flowers' smell and other natural scents.

For me it is more convinient to live in a big city despite of the country side because I go to the university every morning.


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