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KEY NOUNS (unit 2, p12. Ac.Voc)

On the subject of

На тему

In mid-November Henry II returned to Berry for a fruitless conference with Louis VII at Gracay on the subject of their conflicting claims to Auvergne.

The theme of

 Основная тема

In Galatians 2 Paul tackles the theme of the Law and explores the nature of salvation.

Essay topics

Темы эссе

A popular essay topic for students is often the use of divorce statistics.

The issue of

Вопрос о…

The issue of governmental devolution for the other Celtic nations of Scotland and Wales made more headway.

Model of

Образец чего-либо

This model of faith is clearly very comfortable for the believer.

The nature of

Сущность чего-то

The bottom line to private investment remains, as always, the extent and nature of government funding.

Aspect of

Аспект чего-то

At no point is any aspect of the selection process subject to democratic scrutiny or approval.

Feature of

Особенность чего-либо

As before, they used the best natural materials, warm brick and tiles for the exterior, with wood-framed ‘galleried’ windows a feature of the design.

Beyond the scope of

Выходит за рамки

If you are near the right markets, you may concentrate on horticultural crops for sale, but that is beyond the scope of this book.

Revealed a pattern of

Показать образец чего-либо

Recent studies have revealed inconsistencies in the patterns of responses to edge effects that raise important questions about their determinants.

Significance = importance


THIS last chapter evaluates, under six headings, the significance of the Thatcher governments in post-war British politics.



Identification of problem areas in the current syllabuses

Assessment of = judgment of smth

Оценка чего-либо

The overwhelming conclusion emerging from any assessment of these programmes is that they have only a marginal impact on inner-urban problems.

The case for

Аргументы в пользу

The case for her doing this, in the interests of the party, looks stronger after the Queen's Speech.

Approach = way of considering smth


How far this approach can hope to have an impact is rather doubtful.

Perspectives on

Перспективы на…

Like many young entrepreneurs, Wells has found Britain slack in framing global perspectives on business.

Awareness of

Осознание чего-либо

Awareness of the variety of special children, some of whom are not visually identifiable, and of their needs.

Research into

Исследования над

Research into consumer attitudes and behaviour should recognise such differences.

Methodology = system of ways of studying smth


An exhaustive Teacher's Book with an introduction to the methodology and step by step lesson plans

Key verbs (Unit 3,p.14. Ac.voc)

Involve = include in


The discussion which follows may involve comparison and the use of various mathematical ideas.

Conduct = organize and do

Руководить/ вести

Pakistan, no doubt, will conduct an inquest into the state of their game.



Both these examples illustrate particular choices made by management about the organisation of work after the introduction of new technology.



In this section we will assume that p objective functions are arranged in decreasing order of priority.

Calculate = judge the number of smth


Labflow can also store and calculate flow differences.

Demonstrate = show = make clear

Демонстрировать/ cлужить доказательством

If 70,000 dared to go on the streets feeling they might be beaten up or worse, how many might demonstrate if that fear is removed?

Identify = recognize

Опознавать/ узнавать

This would exclude land of scientific or ecological value and identify large areas where commercial growers could plant forests.

Challenge (v)

Оспаривать/ подвергать сомнению

But Chadwick makes some sensible points about the questions raised by her account which challenge common assumptions about art and society.



The techniques to be presented in this chapter are designed to examine the relationship between three variables in a contingency table.

Provide = give


Families of dolls or puppets provide children with the opportunity for much free imaginative play.

Classify = divide things into


It is possible, however, to classify most British political leaders according to the relative importance they attach to these values.

Establish = discover = get proof of


Mr Aikens submitted that the Attorney- General did not attempt to establish any of those requirements.

Account for = explain


A phase of late Hercynian oxidation of Carboniferous humic material may account for the lack of gas prospectiveness in these areas.

Presented = given


The packing, even with the new suitcases, presented numerous problems.

Show = prove

Доказывать/ показывать

She rolled on to her back to show that the conversation was finished.

Attempt = try (formal)


Even so, Coleman did not attempt the then unachievable, and claim equality with the medical profession.

Give/provide/offer an explanation (of/for)


I was going on to give an explanation, which may help the hon

Carry out an exploration (of)

Провести разведку

The first Activity is to carry out an exploration of the chosen office domain, using the SSM as required.

Place/put emphasis (on)


It was an art knowing which stick to choose and where to place emphasis.

Give/provide a description (of)


Some till receipts also give a description of the goods


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